Awareness campagne

Boost your name recognition.

Use an awareness campaign to boost your recognition among your target group.

Awareness Campagne



What is an awareness campaign?

An awareness campaign is a great way to increase interest in your organization among your preferred target group. One way we do this is through in-app advertising.

Why launch an awareness campaign?

Many sectors have a shortage of skilled employees these days. Companies have to stand out among the many vacancies on various job boards. An awareness campaign can help you take a step in the right direction.

Boost your name recognition

An awareness campaign helps you raise awareness of your brand among your target group. If potential candidates have heard of your company before, they’re more likely to apply for a job.

Trek de juiste kandidaten aan met EVP

An awareness campaign by Adver-Online

Put your organization in the spotlight with Adver-Online! Develop a Google Ads campaign with interactive banners or create Instagram Stories geared specifically towards your target group.


All companies have their own story. Share your unique story with the world through storytelling. Adver-Online has dozens of tools to help you communicate your employer brand to your target group.

Awareness campaign at companies


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