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Our professional design studio creates the best visuals.

Display advertising



The advantages of display advertising

Did you know that the average person checks their phone five to ten times an hour? Display advertising allows you to engage your target group through the most popular and relevant apps.

Google Recruitment - Jouw vacature bovenaan


Display advertising uses geotargeting to place targeted ads based on your target group’s geolocation. It’s accurate to fifty metres!


In addition to targeting location, you can also target specific interests. We create user personas for your target group based on app usage. This confirms that the ad was directed at the right target group.

Google Recruitment - De meest effectieve advertentie
Google Recruitment - Wat kost een Google Ads campagne?

Customer journey

With display advertising, we tailor the campaign to the customer journey phase your candidate is currently in. The ads in the first few phases are more generic, with a stronger focus on conversion in the final phases.


Our professional design studio will create the best visuals to help you stand out from the competition. We also add interactive elements, such as shake interactions, swipe interactions, countdowns, and more!

Wat zijn de voordelen van Google Recruitment?
tempo team - workforce management koppeling
euur - workforce management koppeling
HelloFlex -workforce management koppeling

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