Mobile recruitment

Reach the right applicants through mobile advertising.

Reap the benefits of mobile recruitment.

Mobile recruitment



What is mobile recruitment?

Mobile recruitment involves advertising via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This helps you reach your target group day and night. The advantages of mobile recruitment:

Accessible anytime and anywhere

How does mobile recruitment work?

Target the right people

The first step is to create a convincing job ad with a clear call to action. If you’re not sure who your target group is, we can identify it for you through a target group analysis.

Reach your target group

The next step is to make sure the vacancy reaches the right candidates by publishing it on relevant websites. We use programmatic advertising to reach your target group day and night.

Trek de juiste kandidaten aan met EVP

Convince candidates

When candidates click on the ad, they will be redirected to the landing page. The landing page serves one crucial function: to convince the candidate to take the final step and apply.

Retargeting for the best results

If we see that visitors are clicking on the ad but not applying for the job, we have a simple solution: retargeting. This marketing tool reintroduces the vacancy to your target group to help you achieve the best results.

Interested in mobile advertising?

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