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10 tips for SEO-proof vacancy texts

A good vacancy text is very important, if you want to reach and attract the right candidates. Nevertheless, as long as the vacancy cannot be found you will have a hard time reaching anyone. Either when you are distributing your vacancy through social media, job boards or website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role.

The benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of vacancy texts can make a big difference. A benchmark across multiple vacancy websites shows that more than a third of the visitors come from search engines.

This may not sound like much right away, but it is a given that SEO (from search engines) converts well. Which means; the percentage of visitors who apply is higher than with other traffic sources. This is largely due to the intention of the visitor, who is after all actively looking for specific vacancies. That intention makes SEO traffic a very rewarding traffic source.

10 tips voor SEO-proof vacancy texts

There are many guidelines for optimizing vacancy texts for search engines. We give you the 10 SEO-tips that will help you on your way.
1. The important keywords
The first step in writing your vacancy text is determining what the target audience of your vacancy is looking for. After all, you want the text to match the search traffic. Often this is the job title, but it is certainly not always the case (think: “part-time job catering”). Use the Google search engine to find the important or common keywords for your audience, and read what your competition is writing.
2. The right title for your vacancy
That seems easier than it is. This often leads to job titles that are widely used within your company, but that the candidate is not looking for. What, for example, is a Christmas job? It is better to use holiday work, even if the competition is greater. Would your candidate search a lot in combination with a certain city (for example, vacancy project manager Amsterdam)? Then add it to the job title.
3. A recruiting intro for your vacancy texts
You have about 6 seconds to entice the visitor to read your vacancy text. Of that, 1 second is loading time of your page. A recruiting character of the intro of your vacancy (the first approximately 100 words) is therefore crucial. In addition, Google picks the intro as the description for the search result. This is even more likely if you use the most important keywords in the first sentence of your intro. To make it extra noticeable you could make it bold.
4. Keywords and the word 'vanacy'
Candidates often search for a keyword in combination with the word ‘vacancy’ or ‘vacancies’. This is a major reason to use the important keywords in your vacancy tekst, and combine it a few times. For example using it in the intro, but also further down the vacancy will have a positive effect.
5. Enumerations
Bullet points are easy to read. They are nice and clear. Your visitor knows that, but this is also known to the search engine. Both will therefore pay a little more attention to the words in a list than to the rest of the text. The condition here is that you format the list with the button in the layout toolbar, instead of punctuation marks (dashes) with a space.
6. The keywords densinty
It is of course important to ensure that the most important keywords appear sufficiently in your vacancy text. This is called keyword density. The guideline says that 2-3% of your job description text may consist of your keywords.
7. Using enough words
Just like for your visitor, it is better for the search engine to determine what your vacancy text is about if you use enough words. The guideline is at least 300 words. This way you have enough space to make your important search terms stand out without it becoming annoying for the reader.
8. Important information first
We know that visitors of websites scan more than actually read the lower they get on a page, so less attention. Therefore, place important information, such as the job description and the job requirements higher than the organization description. This way your important keywords will be placed earlier in the text. In addition, text that is identical across multiple vacancies is lower on the page. Good for the candidate and for the search engine. The last one likes unique texts and will make strongly similar content (duplicate content) less easy to find.
9. External links (linkbuilding)
The more external pages refer to your vacancy, the better your vacancy will appear in the search results. This is called link building. Important websites have a greater effect than the “little ones”. You can therefore start well by sharing your vacancy on social media. And think of posting your vacancy on industry websites, job boards etc.
10. Balanced focus between candidate and search engine
The tenth – but also the most important – tip for optimizing vacancy texts is to maintain a balanced focus on your visitor and the search engine. If you only focus on your visitor, you will miss SEO traffic.The opposite also applies. When you focus on the search engine your text becomes almost illegible to the visitor, And that does not benefit your applications. So find the right balance for your vacancy texts.
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