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A changing job market asks for a new renewed approach

Due to the changing labor market, power has fallen into the hands of job seekers, instead of the job employer. As an organization, you need to keep up with this trend. But how do you, as a recruiter, make sure you get in the crosshairs of the right candidate? Marco ter Lingen, CCO Adver-Online, gives his vision.

With the advent of Generation Y and Z, labor market communication has changed forever. Where previously jobboards offered a solution to attract hordes of candidates, the words ‘job marketing‘, candidate experience and ‘artificial intelligence ‘are now around your ears. With this, a completely new approach to reach target groups has emerged. An approach also known as ‘recruitment marketing’. In short, this means recruiting candidates with a marketing perspective. With this method you not only reach active seekers, but also reach passive and latent seekers. After all, the vast majority of talents are less inclined to actively look for a new job, but are often open to it. And we must not forget that these younger generations are connected to the rest of the world through their mobile phone. They take it for granted.

The growth of technological possibilities on the internet offers enormous opportunities for recruiters. Think for example of social media. This is an easy way to get in touch with a target group as a recruiter and vice versa. These channels are an excellent way to promote job vacancies and the organization.
The hashtag ‘#vacancy’ was for a reason second in the top 10 trending topics of Twitter in 2016.
Programmatic Advertising Social media recruitment can be used more widely now that not only LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are continuing to develop tools, but Snapchat and Instagram are also making progress. Developments that are difficult to follow as a recruiter. And then there are also questions such as “Who is the target group?”, “On which channels do I find the target group” or “How do I move the target group?” Programmatic advertising helps recruiters to answer these questions.

The essence is that texts, images, segmentation, channels and time of placement for each advertisement can be chosen completely independently and automatically based on the characteristics of the vacancy. Thereafter, the online behavior of potential candidates is used as a baseline to determine whether someone belongs to the target group and what the perfect time is to approach them. Using programmatic job advertising has the advantage that it provides real-time insight into results and that this data can be used immediately for retargeting, i.e. reaching the right target group again for maximum effect of your campaign.
These technological developments make social media recruitment indispensable for a successful recruitment marketing campaign, but in themselves do not always guarantee success. Social media recruitment is best shown in a combination of online options, such as a landing page, posting on job boards and Mobile Recruitment. The saying “the power of repetition” is invaluable in recruitment issues.

This article was published on December 19, 2016 on the website of XpertHR Actueel as an editorial contribution. Read the original publication here .
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