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Lead Boost: The solution for social media via mobile job applications

Reaching talents via social media is now an essential part of recruitment marketing. You can target a specific target group on social media and thus use a targeted campaign to draw attention to your vacancy (s). “Our experience shows that 80 to 90% of all social media expressions are viewed via mobile. The mobile phone is the device that your target group looks at first thing in the morning and is within reach all day. On the train, at lunch and in a traffic jam. Mobile advertising is therefore always part of social media recruitment. But how do you recruit actual candidates via this device? Ted Derr, Adver-Online Campaign Team Leader tells you more about the Lead Boost solution.

What is Lead Boost?

“Lead Boost is the way to get in touch with potential candidates effectively via social media. As mentioned, we see that the vast majority of social media activities take place via mobile. For example, vacancies that are promoted via social media are most often viewed via mobile. What you want is to hold on to potential candidates and encourage them to apply, but mobile asks for a different strategy. It takes time, focus and the candidate does not always have his / her CV and motivation at hand.

We also see this in our figures. In most cases, the actual application is sent by desktop or tablet. In order not to lose mobile oriented candidates, we offer Lead Boost. A mini interest / application landing page linked to your social media job ad (s). “Candidates can indicate in an accessible and quick way that they are interested by only entering name, email and telephone number. Subsequently, he / she will immediately receive a confirmation with a link to finalize the application. As an employer you will of course also receive the information, so that you can also contact us directly. You decide how often you receive an overview of these potential candidates. It is even possible every day, so that you can switch quickly and the chance of conversion is greatest. ”
“Lead Boost: an effective solution to stimulate mobile applications via social media!”

When is Lead Boost used and what does it yield?

“Als klanten kiezen voor een social media recruitment campagne, adviseren wij in de meeste gevallen Lead Boost toe te voegen. Het is namelijk een snelle en effectieve manier om de interesse te wekken en direct de contactgegevens te verzamelen. Door de laagdrempeligheid van het sollicitatieformulier direct te koppelen aan uw mobiele advertentie, heeft u een hogere conversie wat betekent dat er letterlijk meer kandidaten reageren op uw vacature.

Lead Boost a commonly used tool that is received very positively. Of all our customers with a social media campaign, 70-75% now use Lead Boost. And with results! Lead Boost is guaranteed to give you more candidates for your vacancy, and this fast and accessible form of response also has a positive effect on the candidate journey. ”
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