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Recruit talent with mobile advertising and programmatic advertising

Mobile advertising is growing day by day. But the fact that this form of advertising in the field of recruitment is also gaining ground is still a fairly new phenomenon. This growth has meant that recruiters can no longer ignore mobile recruitment . A mobile recruitment strategy has two directions; offer candidates the opportunity to apply directly via their mobile device and advertise on mobile websites and applications so that vacancies can be found. This blog takes a closer look at the last one.

One step back; mobile advertising is a nice marketing term for serving advertisements / banners on mobile devices. This technique is based on the fact that owners of apps and websites, also known as publishers, sell ad space to make a living. Mobile advertising is characterized by a high ROI. Simply because of the high attention value. After all, an ad / banner cannot be missed on the small screen of a smartphone. As soon as mobile advertising is used as a technique to fill vacancies, this is called mobile recruitment.

Programmatic mobile advertising as marketing technic

Because the technology has been further evaluated to ‘programmatic’, a vacancy can be placed in (hundreds) thousands of applications and websites. But what is programmatic? Basically, the term automatic means both purchasing based on real-time bidding and the optimization of an ad / banner. By having a system bid on advertising space, a vacancy can be shown to the right target group at the right time. It is expected that programmatic advertising in the form of publication will become the largest marketing technique. At the moment, the discipline is already greater than TV advertising. All applications and websites in which advertisements are allowed can be included in a campaign, so that latent job seekers can also be reached!

Using location tracking for success with mobile recruitment

Mobile Recruitment is also very interesting due to the use of location tracking. In this case, a person’s location is used to show him / her vacancies relevant to that position. This virtual demarcation is also known as geo-fence. A mobile device within this “geo-fence” can automatically receive an advertisement / banner by text message or email. A geo-fence can already have a diameter of 50 meters, but it can also be larger.

The relatively small advertising space and the many targeting possibilities of mobile advertising require a specific approach. Are you ready to embrace the strong growth of mobile recruitment? Save on your media budget with programmatic (mobile) advertising and reach the ideal candidate.

Adver-Online has Mobile Recruitment as a service in its portfolio. For more information, see here .
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