New! Rich media ads for recruitment campaigns

Nowadays it is possible to use rich media advertisements via the Google Display Network. This digital solution brings your employer brand to life through various dynamic elements such as video, product showcase and social media, which leads to more interaction and conversion. As the first online recruitment marketing specialist, Adver-Online offers the possibility to add rich media advertisements to your recruitment campaign!

What is rich media advertising? Rich media is a form of mobile recruitment that refers to versatile, advanced and striking expressions. In addition to the standard format (300 x 250), you can make use of impactful banner formats, which can be drawn up by us. This way we can be sure that all expressions work well and meet the delivery specifications. Below are examples of Rich Media developed by us.


The Cube format (half page 300 x 250) is a carousel shaped ad format. As the name suggests, the format can be moved by swiping left / right. This shows different sides of the format. In general, the interaction can be called high.

Image Gallery

The image gallery format resembles the cube but has no rotating movement. Instead – by swiping horizontally or vertically – (product) images can be observed

Video format

With the video format, a brand or product can come to life. The video is served before, during or after an online video (which the user watches). The video can also be served between normal (textual) content. For example news.


The Wipeable format is a fullscreen banner that conceals a two image (layer). This second layer is visible after a swipe. The format invites action.

Store locator

The storelocator displays the route – which a user must travel in order to get to a location / location – in the banner.


Het puzzle formaat toont een product/object welke is gefragmenteerd in een – nog af te ronden – puzzel. De gebruiker kan de verschillende puzzelstukken in de juiste setting bewegen. Het formaat nodigt uit tot interactie.

360 view

The 360 ​​view format shows a product / object that can be seen with a swipe from all angles (360 degrees). It is also possible to disable the interaction and automatically rotate the object 360 degrees.

Shake format

By shaking the device, the user activates a video, animation or a direct link to the landing page.

Social integrations

This format gives the possibility to link, directly from the banner, to a social channel. Among other things, the following actions can be realized from the banner: a Facebook like, Facebook share, Instagram, Interest Pin, Twitter Feed, Twitter share and Whatsapp share.

Rich media is used in combination with other forms of online marketing and is therefore always part of an online recruitment campaign. Rich Media expressions can be a nice addition to generate extra attention among the target group or among visitors who have previously visited the website.
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