Structurally build a strong employer brand!

The labor market is in full swing, with the logical consequence of a large supply of vacancies. In order to reach and convince candidates today, more and more media channels and resources are being used in addition to the authentic job boards. All to make a good first impression with the right target group. But what if you are dealing with too few applications, qualitative candidates and brand awareness? Then there is a good chance that your employer brand needs a boost.

Why build a strong employer brand?

It is essential to structurally build on your employer brand. Not only for retaining current employees, but also for attracting new talent. A strong employer brand ensures that it is immediately clear to candidates what kind of organization they are dealing with. This makes it possible to quickly discover a ‘cultural fit’, so that a better match between candidate and employer is created more quickly. Other benefits of employer branding are:

Employer brand: bigger than job marketing

At Factstory, too, we have noticed an increase in questions regarding the loading of an employer brand. What kind of image do candidates have of us as an employer? How can we influence this? And what consequences does this have for now, but also in the future? To answer this, we combine our knowledge and expertise with that of Adver-Online. All data that we have from previous campaigns, but also from the communication with the client, is analyzed. In addition, we offer strategic sessions to get the missing pieces from the puzzle on the table.

Map your employer branding

In total, we offer strategic sessions in 6 self-developed modules. During these brainstorming sessions, we dive into the customer journey and investigate the answers to questions such as’ What steps does a candidate take in the entire orientation process? ‘, What are they sensitive to?’ And ‘Where do they drop out in the process?’ we map out who the target group is, what drives them and what kind of organization they are looking for. We then issue advice regarding changes that can be made to the job in order to find the right candidate for the job more quickly: in the short and long term. Because every customer and customer demand is different, the sessions can be taken per module. They are pragmatic and practical, so that the result is easily measurable.

Employer Branding is part of an innovative and strategic approach to reach both latent and active job seekers. Are you ready to continue taking your recruitment process to a higher level?

This article is presented to you Pim Mulder, owner and strategic marketer Factstory. Marketing communication agency Factstory is a collaboration partner of Adver-Online to offer services such as strategic Employer Brand sessions for recruitment issues
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