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The latest developments in Job marketing

Research by Intelligence Group shows that recruiters concentrate less and less on finding talent and more and more on seducing them. The employer brand and the targeted marketing of a job are of great importance for the fast and effective filling of a vacancy with the suitable candidate. This is also known as vacancy marketing or job marketing. We talk to Richard Lefferts and Bas Arxhoek, two account managers at Adver-Online, about the latest developments in job marketing.

What do you do at Adver-Online?

Bas: I am an account manager. I advise companies which media they can use the best to reach the right target group. The great thing about my job is that you build your own regular clientele and build a nice relationship with many customers. Richard: I am also an account manager. Like Bas, I have been working for Adver-Online for more than 10 years. What I enjoy most about my work is the contact with recruiters and the process of working together to find a tailor-made solution for the specific HR issue.
“Job marketing: the targeted marketing of a job to a specific target group through the use of the right media and resources.”

“Job marketing: the approach, that uses the right media and resources to find a specific target group.”

How have you seen job marketing change in recent years?

Bas: Social Media has started to play an increasingly important role in finding the right candidates for the specific vacancy. Because we now often want to address the active and latent target group.

Richard: Job marketing has changed a lot in recent years. Previously, vacancies were easily filled via print and job sites, but currently with the current shortage on the labor market, it is more about the employer brand and addressing the desired target group. We know exactly what the latest opportunities and trends are in the market and provide advice.

What are the most important developments in job marketing? What works at the moment?

Bas: The use of social media and the employer brand are the most important developments at the moment. Really reaching and seducing your specific target group produces the best results.

Richard: It is important that you present yourself online as an interesting employer. So not only promote the specific vacancy, but the company as a whole. Think of companies such as Google or Coolblue, they clearly present themselves as an attractive employer. Possibilities you can use for this are working-at website , mobile advertising and targeted advertising via social networks such as Facebook & amp; Instagram. This works very well at the moment.


What are the most important developments for 2018 in the field of job marketing?

Bas: The labor market is getting tighter, so it will be even more difficult to find the right candidates. Job marketing and the employer brand are therefore increasingly important for finding good personnel. Richard: In my opinion, the most important developments for this year are target group-oriented campaigns. So not only promote a vacancy to your specific target group, but continuously profile your company as an attractive employer. In addition, the candidate experience is also very important for the interest of your target group. What kind of experience do you give the candidate? By optimizing the entire application and selection process, you are more likely to interest, enthuse and apply for the right candidates.

“We will give you advice about your recruitment opportunities, and provide yo the tools to keep recruiting and branding your company. 

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