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Connect your organization's entire HR process

HROffice Connect helps you streamline your organization’s entire HR process. The result is more efficiency, lower costs, and great job satisfaction.


Who is HROffice?

HROffice is Adver-Online’s line of business dedicated to software development. HROffice develops HR applications that are well designed and easy to use. These save time and money and reduce sensitivity to errors within the HR process. The own applications of HROffice can work independently, connected with each other, or alongside third-party applications.

HROffice Connect is the ideal solution for those looking for a custom HR SaaS system. With HROffice Connect, you can create direct links to various HR applications linked to your inflow, throughflow, and outflow processes. Streamline your HR process and save time and prevent unnecessary mistakes. Choose the applications that suit you and your organization, so you only use the functionalities you actually need.

Connect your HR process with a SaaS solution

Only use the HR applications you really need

Career websites

laying the foundation for perfect employer branding

Your own career site by HROffice makes it easy to provide candidates with the right information, helping you to find the perfect match.


an innovative ATS system for the best possible candidate experience

HROffice Recruitment is an innovative ATS system for the best candidate experience and the best opportunities for attracting top talent.

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a simple, digital method of drafting legally valid contracts

HROffice Contracts is a digital method to help you draft legally valid employment contracts and other HR contracts.


show employees the ropes before they start on the job

HROffice offers a pre-boarding programme for your new employees in collaboration with Appical. With this programme you can show employees the ropes before their first day on the job!


transform your new employee into an ambassador

HROffice has created an onboarding programme in collaboration with Appical. Transform your new employees into committed and enthusiastic ambassadors.

Workforce Management

enhance the effectiveness of your workforce scheduling

HROffice Workforce Management gives you the insights you need to make your workforce scheduling more effective.

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ensure the perfect ending to the employee journey HROffice has created an offboarding programme in collaboration with Appical to ensure the perfect ending to the employee journey.

HROffice at companies

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