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What is an assessment?

An assessment consists of a series of tests that give you insight into the personality, behaviour, and capabilities of your applicant. Ultimately, these tests help you choose the most suitable applicant. An assessment measures:

Which insights does an online assessment generate?


During a personality test, applicants can indicate the extent to which a certain personality statement applies to them. This test identifies an applicant’s personality, which will help you determine whether he or she is a good match for the company.


The behavioural test sheds light on the applicant’s behaviour in the workplace. Based on several statements, the applicant can indicate how he or she would behave in a certain situation. Behaviour is a good indicator of an applicant’s job performance in the future.

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The capabilities test identifies the working and thinking level of the applicant. The applicant’s analytic and logical reasoning skills are assessed based on a series of numerical and linguistic tests.

The advantages of an assessment

Once an applicant has completed the test, you immediately receive a report with the results. An assessment paints a clear picture of the applicant’s qualities, making it easy for you to determine at a glance whether he or she is suitable for the job.

Assessment at companies

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