Target group data & analysis

Identify your target group

Our detailed target group analysis shows us which channels are the most effective at reaching your target group.

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Use the right media to reach your target group

Our target group analysis assesses categories like education level, job title, and desired work experience. We then use the following media channels:

Niche channels

Niche channels are geared towards a specific field. They also offer professional content.

Content websites

These informative websites are geared towards a specific target group. They can also be used for content marketing.

Recruitment HROffice

Generic channels

Generic channels include job boards, which publish vacancies from different branches. This is a great way to reach candidates who are actively looking for work within your desired target group.

Regional channels

This includes websites with vacancies in a specific region, which make it possible for you to approach local candidates.

Target group data & analysis at companies

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