Target group research

Learn more about your target group.

Use relevant information about your target group to recruit and select similar candidates.

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The advantages of target group research

Target group research will help you discover key facts about your target group. You will gain insight into:

  • Demographics
  • Recruitment feasibility
  • Engagement
  • Labour market vacancies

What are the demographics of my target group?

Gain a better understanding of your target group’s age, gender, and work experience, and adapt your recruitment strategy accordingly.

What is the recruitment feasibility of my target group?

Are there more vacancies than jobseekers (or vice versa) in your target group? Target group research can help you find out.

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How do I engage my target group?

Discover which channels your target group uses to search for jobs. This will help you understand which key characteristics your target group is looking for in a potential employer.

What does the labour market look like for my target group?

Target group research will help you identify your top competitors and the job titles they use, and how the labour market is developing.

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Learn more about your target group

Do you want to learn more about your target group and use this information to attract more candidates and stay ahead of the competition? Feel free to contact us for an obligation-free consultation.

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