Most maked mistakes in vacancy texts

The market is picking up and this is reflected in the vacancy status: less than half a million vacancies rotate over the internet. But it is of course about your vacancy. It is precisely this vacancy that must catch the eye and get all the attention of potential new employees. Publishing your vacancy on the […]

Structurally build a strong employer brand!

The labor market is in full swing, with the logical consequence of a large supply of vacancies. In order to reach and convince candidates today, more and more media channels and resources are being used in addition to the authentic job boards. All to make a good first impression with the right target group. But […]

New! Rich media ads for recruitment campaigns

Nowadays it is possible to use rich media advertisements via the Google Display Network. This digital solution brings your employer brand to life through various dynamic elements such as video, product showcase and social media, which leads to more interaction and conversion. As the first online recruitment marketing specialist, Adver-Online offers the possibility to add […]

Lead Boost: The solution for social media via mobile job applications

Reaching talents via social media is now an essential part of recruitment marketing. You can target a specific target group on social media and thus use a targeted campaign to draw attention to your vacancy (s). “Our experience shows that 80 to 90% of all social media expressions are viewed via mobile. The mobile phone […]

10 tips for SEO-proof vacancy texts

A good vacancy text is very important, if you want to reach and attract the right candidates. Nevertheless, as long as the vacancy cannot be found you will have a hard time reaching anyone. Either when you are distributing your vacancy through social media, job boards or website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important […]

Predictive Recruitment: fact or fiction

On the Adver-Online e-recruitment platform, you can put together your own campaign. The platform helps with campaign suggestions to select the most relevant channels for each type of vacancy, in a smart, fast and how to reach your target group. We also call this predictive recruitment. But what exactly does such a predictive recruitment […]

A changing job market asks for a new renewed approach

Due to the changing labor market, power has fallen into the hands of job seekers, instead of the job employer. As an organization, you need to keep up with this trend. But how do you, as a recruiter, make sure you get in the crosshairs of the right candidate? Marco ter Lingen, CCO Adver-Online, gives […]

These are the hardest jobs to fill in 2017

Despite the improving economy, Dutch companies continue to struggle to fill certain vacancies. This is evident from recent data from job site Indeed. The company investigated the positions that were open in the Netherlands for more than sixty days on Indeed and came up with a top 10 of the most difficult vacancies to fill […]

The latest developments in Job marketing

Research by Intelligence Group shows that recruiters concentrate less and less on finding talent and more and more on seducing them. The employer brand and the targeted marketing of a job are of great importance for the fast and effective filling of a vacancy with the suitable candidate. This is also known as vacancy marketing […]

A lot more employers struggle to fill jobs

The Netherlands is happy with the improving economy. But employers are now also experiencing the downside. Care, construction, education, ICT and technology: they can all no longer deny the shortage on the labor market. A direct result of economic growth, but also of aging and hazing. Labor shortageA shortage of technical functions such as plumbers, […]